I feel lucky to have had the chance to eat, in one of the best restaurants in the world. In fact, Dinner by Heston an award-winning restaurant that put the historical British dishes to this age, arrived in Melbourne. And I said, I was lucky because, on Friday February 14 in 2020, Dinner by Heston closed its door in this city. On the other hand, the food that they made here, were recipes older than 200 hundreds years, at least. For example, the dish Rice & Flesh that was created in 1390’s to the King Richard II.

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So, this kind of old fashion cuisine with two Michelin starred that you could taste in this place. But, don’t feel bad, due to the fine dining restaurant, continue working as usual but in London.

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Perhaps, not everyone knows the chef behind of the Historical British food. But, you know the name Heston Blumenthal as is called the restaurant. By the way, so famous.

How Samurai Gourmet got in at Dinner by Heston

First of all, I started with this dessert, because it was the reason that I decided to go to this restaurant. Indeed, walking into the crown casino in Melbourne, I saw an ads with this dish. And the love at the first sight began.

Eggs in Verjuice

Image by Samurai Gourmet

Certainly, I never thought this dish was a dessert. Although, I did not know what could it be, sweet or salted, no idea. After that, I felt so curious that needed to try this food. And it’s when this beautiful experience became real. In fact, the dessert consisted in a Coconut Panna Cotta, Coffee Parfait, Verjuice & Citrus. Obviously, the Eggs in Verjuice is one of the best dessert that I have tried in my life. But not the best, because that one is coming.

Rice & Flesh a dish with more than 700 years

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The main that was created to the King Richard II. With ingredients, such as Rice, Saffron, Curried, Kangaroo Tail, Red Wine & Amaranth. Indeed, it’s as a risotto and very al dente. However, they warn you about it. Therefore, it’s up to you if you prefer the rice a bit raw or ask to cook a bit longer. In short, I ate it, as they recommend me, very al dente and passed the test. So tasty.

Cooked Chicken With Lettuces

The beginning of this dish was in the age of 1670’s a couple of years. For such as great food. And it was the second best dish that I tried at Dinner By Heston. Which consisted the Cooked Chicken with Lettuces, Grilled Onion Emulsion, Oyster Leaf & Spiced Parsnip Sauce. As a result. it was perfect.

Tipsy Cake a Dessert with more than 210 years old

Image by Samurai Gourmet

The dessert and dish more tasty that I ate at Dinner by Heston. And not only that because for me is still the best dessert that I have tried in my life. In fact, the Tipsy Cake is a Fluffy Brioche with Crackly Crust of Sugar and the madness Vanilla Brandy Cream. Besides, the spit Roast Pineapple is magnificent.

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Location Melbourne, Australia

Key Information

Dinner By Heston Restaurant

Qualification: Grateful/Excellent

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $$$ 200 AUD

Contact: In Melbourne permanently closed

Website from London


Address: Melbourne permanently closed


  1. Wow lucky you! That looks amazing and nicely presentable but unfortunately even if they are open I cannot afford it just being honest. I will just check your blog for more foodies instead.

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