Cococo the restaurant that turned the old fashion way to eat to the modern Russian cuisine. In fact, an elegant place with authentic soviet food changing whole the style of serving meal, the show is guaranteed. Besides, staff with knowledge explaining every plates which is coming to the table and the skill to finish some of them in front of you. In other words I called this show and being happy to find from time to time a nice experience accompanied of course with good food. Therefore, Cococo is an award winning restaurant included in The 50 Best in Saint Petersburg.

Is it worth to eat here the modern russian cuisine?

Indeed, always depends what are you looking for, experience, good food, expensive restaurant and Russian modern cuisine. That is to say this is the place where you have to get in, otherwise if you are expecting something a bit cheaper, the same nice experience or even better, besides an amazing kitchen and both in the same in city. Certainly, I recommend you to go to Birch restaurant however is not Russian cuisine. In effect, it is more like European with Asian and Latin American influences.

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Cococo Restaurant The Modern Russian Cuisine

Russian Cold Soup Okroshka

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The cold soup Okroshka. In fact, I had never tried before a cold soup and it was so interesting. In other words more than be a tasty soup instead is something more refreshing. Actually, Okroshka is usually served in summer with the raw veggies, mostly with beef and kvass a traditional fermented beverage made from rye bread that is used as a soup. In short, it’s very refreshing ideally to avoid hot weather.

Marrow Bones

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Marrow Bones a delicious entry at Cococo Restaurant. Certainly, it was the second of the salty dishes that I loved more here. Because, the first one is the Rabbit Dumplings.

“Kasha iz topora” Green buckwheat Porridge with Porcini Mushroom and Stewed Beef Cheeks

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A good dish, however I was expecting more flavour on it. In fact, when I read the menu this dish keep my attention, that’s why I ordered but in the moment of eating it something was missing I called that flavour.

Rabbit Dumplings in baked vegetables broth with sour cream

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My favorite one. Due to that I like dumplings and I love rabbit. That is to say, this Russian dish was the most tasty at Cococo restaurant.

My mother’s favorite flower

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Although, always desserts come at the end. But also, I like to keep the best part to the end. Because these two desserts at Cococo Restaurant, They stole the show. In other words, they were so good and also for the way how were made. In short, pure creativity in one of the best restaurant in Russia.

Anna Pavlova

russian cuisine
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After all, I ate the dessert Anna Pavlova and it was amazing. Surely, the best dish to me, for the nice presentation and also for the great flavor.

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Keep in mind at Cococo Restaurant

The menu is based about Russian culture, literature and poetry by telling tales of Russia’s history through his dishes, if you understand this, perhaps you will have a much clear a idea of each presentation of the plates.

As a result, I highly recommend what you must try here is, the main Rabbit Dumplings, both desserts my mother’s favorite flower and also Anna Pavlova. Surely, these gave me the most nice flavors. Besides I can put also in the list the marrow bones with the bread but I checked it and seems is not in the menu anymore. As we know always restaurant are changing its plates from time to time and this is the beautiful thing of the kitchen because if it is not, start to become boring right?. By the way the other dishes can depend on you, getting other options or choose what I got.

An important information the 1. Cold Soup Okroshka does not appear in the menu anymore as well 2. The Marrow Bones.

Location Saint Petersburg, Russia

Key Information

Cococo Restaurant

Qualification: Grateful/Very Good

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Price: $$$ Average price per person $ 25 AUD

Contact: +7 (812) 418-20-60

Website: KoKoKo.spb

Instagram: kokoko_spb

Address: Voznesensky Prospekt 6, Admiralteysky District, St Petersburg, 190000

Mon-Fri — from 7:00 am till 11:00 am
Sat-Sun — from 7:00 am till 12:00 pm

Lunch & Dinner:
Every day from 2:00 pm till 1:00 am

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