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Pozharsky is a chicken cutlet that is a typical Russian dish. Besides, consist in minced chicken covered with breadcrumb that is fried, accompanied with mushroom sauce and normally served with mashed potatoes. Moreover, It is a very popular dish in Russia and where you can eat it, at the Restaurant russian vodka room 1 in Saint Petersburg.

In addition, Pozharsky is a delicious way to prepares chicken. In fact, this Russian food was adapted even by the french. Due to, the great flavor of this dish.


Phozharky Chicken Cutlet at the Restaurant russian vodka room 1

Images by russian vodka room 1

First of all, if you love fried chicken and you are reading this post. Don’t forget to tried Pozharsky with chicken cutlet. Because, it’s one of the most delicious Russian dish by my opinion, putting all the food that I ate in Russia, the only one that I think is better than chicken cutlet, is the Russian donuts but this is another story.

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When eating here, in the Russian Restaurant that has an environment of the 1900s. Besides with authentic Russian cuisine rescuing the flavors of the past in today.

As a result, I have tasted several plates in my dinner at Русская Рюмочная 1 and all of them so good. However, “Pozharsky chicken cutlet” was my favorite, because is so tasty. In addition, I love the show with the food, even if it was me, who was pouring out the mushroom sauce on the chicken. In other words, doing this kind of things, makes my experiences about food more pleasant.


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Location Saint Petersburg, Russia

Key information

Restaurant Русская Рюмочная 1

Qualification: Grateful/Very Good

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Price: Average dish $$ 15 -20 AUD

Phone:+7(812)945-08-90 +7(812)914-55-14 (Delivery number)

Website:Русская Рюмочная 1

Instagram: russianvodkaroom1

Address: Konnogvardeyskiy Bul’var, 4, St Petersburg, Russia

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