Certainly, Pad Thai is the most famous dish of the Thai food. Although, it may vary with the two most popular ingredients to make a Pad Thai such as chicken or prawns. Then, it’s when I choice with chicken in a place located in Phuket, Thailand. So on, being made by a woman between her local and on the street, showing all her talent to make an authentic Pad Thai.


Chicken Pad Thai

Images by Samurai Gourmet

It’s time to go forward in what consist this Thai dish. In fact, the Chicken Pad Thai is made with sweet and sour oyster sauce, rice noodles, bean sprouts, garlic chives, scrambled egg and crushed peanuts. Besides, don’t forget the lime to squeeze on the top of the Pad thai when is ready. To make sure that your experience is completed and not miss out real flavor of the Thai food. As a result, I enjoyed this Thai dish, however I’m not a real fan of the oyster sauce. Therefore, if you ask me how much I liked it, I would say, it’s good.

In addition, thinking like a chef I could take out the smelly oyster sauce of the Pad Thai. For all us, who don’t like the smell of the strong fishy sauce to create better Pad Thai. However, I respect the authentic flavours of the local food and changing the ingredients may be taken, no well for who is making it. So on, I keep that to make it at home and surely I’m not bother to anyone.

Well, continuing with what I was saying, I wanted to tried the real taste of an authentic Pad Thai. Because, it’s the main reason of my travels and being in Thailand, typical local food it was my goal.

Read more about a good recipe to make a Chicken Pad Thai, recipetineats.


How is made this typical Thai food

Video by Samurai Gourmet Youtube

Despite, the Pad Thai is not my favorite Thai food. I loved watch, how the woman was making this dish. After that, when she finished and I got my meal. For sure, I ate everything and I was so grateful for the Pad Thai that she prepared for me. In other words, she made the dish much better, plus watching her my appetite increase.

In short, I don’t want you get me wrong about the Chicken Pad Thai. Due to, what I don’t like of this dish is the oyster sauce and maybe you could love it, talking about sauce. Because, the most famous Thai dish is great, not for any reason is the most popular of the Thai food. Therefore, eat it, try it and see, if you love the Chicken Pad Thai and then give your opinion on it, as I did here.

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Location, Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Key Information

Qualification: Grateful/Good

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Price; $2 AUD

Contact: None

Website: None

Instagram: None

Address: 9/36 Sai 3 Road, Amphoe Kathu, Phuket

Important to know, the place where I ate the Pad Thai it doesn’t appear in google map but the exactly address in above this comment. But what appears in google map is a reference that is near to the Colora Hotel Phuket. On the other hand, there are hundreds of places where you can eat this typical Thai dish. So, don’t worry if you can’t find it because there are more options. Remember, it’s street food

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