The ice cream that gave me a fun time and also a delicious moment. Certainly, I am talking about the Thai rolled ice cream. In fact, I tried on the street in a small truck in Phuket, likewise as the most of the food that I ate in Thailand.

In addition, specifically you can eat this ice cream near to Banzaan Fresh Market. When the night market starts and where is full of food stalls.

Thai Rolled Ice Cream

Images by Samurai Gourmet’s instagram

First of all, the Thai rolled ice cream consist in frozen fruit with yoghurt. Then, the job by the master is chop the fruit with two spatulas and mix with the yoghurt that it’s like he was making a melody meanwhile prepares the ice cream. In short, it was a pretty good experience. Besides, you can choose any fruit that you like.

Video by Samurai Gourmet’s youtube

Keep in mind what else you can eat in Thailand

Well, it’s not a doubt that in Thailand the street food plays a very important role in this country. Besides the way as they prepare any food on the street is mastered. In fact, not only the Thai Rolled ice cream you can find in Phuket, also Thai iced coffee that is so good.

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In addition, if you are looking for food that cut it out the hunger. Surely, you can tried the Thai banana pancakes that is so delicious.

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In conclusion, I don’t know if it’s just me who love how they made the food on the street or not. But, what I’m completely sure that any dish that I ate in Thailand were so good and also fun. In other words, I enjoyed each Thai food what I had to look at and of course the Thai rolled ice cream wasn’t the exception. Moreover, there are unlimited things to eat and to watch here.

Key information

Qualification: Grateful/excellent

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Price: Approx. $1 AUD

Address: you can find this ice cream near to Banzaan Fresh Market at night in small trucks.


  1. Wow, I’ve never seen rolled ice cream before! That must have been pretty neat to watch, and it sounds delicious! I bet it’s interesting to travel the world trying out their food like you are doing. 😀

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