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If you have read one of my coffee post where I have tried around the world. Surely, you already know that I love this drink. But if it’s not, is time to start guessing at least that I can’t live without coffee. In fact, in my travel to Phuket in Thailand I tried the most sweet and refresh Thai iced coffee, besides, the fun way how is made, kept my attention until the end.


It all started when I arrived to Phuket and the hot weather was a big deal in summer. In that moment is where I met the Thai iced coffee in a small stall on a corner. Indeed, I saw a man making drinks in an interesting way what brings me closer and ask what he was doing. Then, the answer was Thai iced coffee with ingredients such as sugar, condensed milk, evaporated milk, ice and for sure coffee.

After that, I ordered it and watched one of the most beautiful way to make coffee.


How is made an authentic Thai Iced Coffee

Video by Samurai Gourmet Youtube

Certainly, after this show I fall in love with this coffee just for the way that was made. Despite, I did not had tried yet but when I drank it, I had to return every day to continue enjoying this amazing Thai iced coffee.

Perhaps, now you are wondering whether this coffee was the best that I have drunk in my travels but my answer is, each city or place where I drank it gave me differents taste and all of them so good. However, if you ask me which have given to me the best show or experience Thai iced coffee has the advantage.

In addition, for a recipe how to make Thai coffee go to craftcoffeeguru


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Location Phuket, Thailand

Key Information

Qualification: Grateful/Excellent

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Price: Around $ 1 AUD

Contact: None

Website: None

Instagram: None

Address: important to know this is not the place where I drank my Thai iced coffee either the spot the Juice Bar. In fact, it’s the small stall behind of them.

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