At the first moment when I arrived to Thailand, I knew it that my dietary was going to be about street food the most. Due to, street food is one the main source that attract tourists in this country. And also because they have their on style how to make Thai Food. After that, in Phuket I met the Thai Banana Pancakes one of the most delicious food that you can find on the streets in small trucks with a man with serious skills to make yummy pancakes.


Thai Banana Pancakes

Images by mariamjaan flickr

In addition, Thai Banana Pancakes is served with condensed milk and that’s it. In other words, it’s too simple talking about the ingredients. Because the way how they make Thai pancakes requires real skills. Besides, there are more choices to add to your pancakes such as nutella, chocolate and other fruits. However, this one is so authentic Thai street food.


A work of art Thai street food

Video by Samurai Gourmet Youtube

The most important part how is made the Thai Banana Pancakes. In fact, I think, it is a work of art the way that is prepared. I was fascinated what I was watching because the man was really a master making Thai pancakes. Therefore, Thai street food seriously pay off more than restaurants by my humble opinion. That is to say, I spent the most of my time in Thailand eating street food and the experience was incredible. In short, it’s really a show with food and the best for a very low price.

In Conclusion, I am a lover of restaurants but Thai street food captivated me. Due to, the master skills that you can find on the streets making nice food for people that they are willing to enjoy authentic local food it’s priceless. How I said before I love restaurant however in Thailand I spent the most of my time trying street food. And Surely, It was worth it likewise the Thai Banana Pancakes.

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Location Phuket, Patong, Thailand

Key Information

Qualification: Excellent/ Grateful

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Price: $1 AUD

Contact: They will find you if you are in Phuket

Website: None

Instagram: None

Address: Phuket, Patong important to remember, there is not a specific place, you will find the Thai Banana Pancake on the street