Caffè Espresso at Gambrinus


The oldest place that makes Caffè espresso, became a precious art gallery in the noble heart of Naples. Therefore, it is baptized “Gran Caffè Gambrinus” in the name of the legendary King of Flanders and inventor of beer. In other words, to merge the two most popular drinks of Europe as beer and coffee, a typical neapolitan pleasure.


The Gran Caffè Gambrinus is a historic, coffeehouse in Naples. First of all, in 1860 opened the doors to the Neapolitan public. Then, becoming the most popular coffee in town and also one of the most famous. Therefore, it one of the most important landmarks in the entire city of Naples.

The Historical local

In 1885 the Gran Café seems to be on the verge of closure, but soon its halls would soon be opened to the Neapolitans and travellers.

Although, the first open in 1860. The official was in 1890 and where Caffè Gambrinus immediately becomes the center of social of the city, as Kings, queens, politicians, writers and famous artists made the place to meet in the city.

Standing in front and to side of the Royal Palace, Gambrinus became the saloon of the good citizen.


Gran Caffé Gambrinus worked until 1938 when martial prefect ordered its closure for being considered an anti-fascist place.

The past glories that Gambrinus saw remained only a memory after this split, and the café took a sad road to decline.

In the early seventies, began the battle to recover the rooms of the Café located in the heart of Naples. Thanks to the meticulous work to restore it, the Gran Caffé Gambrinus is reborn to a new splendour.

The battle was won

Naples regains its history. Restored to its former glory place that Gambrinus becomes the beating of the city. As as result, today the enhancement of work that made the only historic literary café of the city of Naples still great.

The fame came, duo to the work of the best confectioners, ice cream makers and bartenders around all Europe.

In fact, nowadays Gambrinus is a must for any visitor and traveller who arrives in Naples.

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Location Naples, Italy

Key Information


Qualification: Grateful/Excellent

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Price: $ 2 EUR

Contact: +39 081 41 75 82


Instagram: gambrinus_napoli

Address: Via Chiaia n. 1 | Piazza Trieste e Trento, 42

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