First of all, Cafe di Dolce is the new restaurant of Salt Bae, but do not get confused, because, it is not about Turkish bbq. In fact, it is the opposite. Here, you will find desserts, as cakes, profiteroles, pancakes, croissants. In other words breakfast. Besides, it’s not only Turkish food rather worldwide.


How was my experience in Saltbae’s new Restaurant?

This is the mystery what I am going to answer now. Today, everybody knows who is Salt bae. Consequently, that became a celebrity for the way to put the salt on the meat. Surely, who love food is expecting to meet him in one of his restaurants. Further, I knew it, he was going to be at Cafe di Dolce, due to that salt bae was promoting the new restaurant. Therefore, I was not going to miss out the chance to see him, being in Istanbul.

Photography by Samurai Gourmet

After that my point of view of his food at Cafe di Dolce. well, I am going to be honest. In fact, meeting him, made my holidays in Istanbul. On the other hand his best skill is cooking bbq. That is to say, I liked the food in his new restaurant but I did not love it, for the simple reason that Salt bae’s best skill is not desserts or breakfast. Indeed, it’s being a butcher and cooking nice pieces of meat. However, do not get me wrong, because, the restaurant has good food but If I compare Nusr-et with Cafe di Dolce. As a result, Nusr-et has a far away the advantage.


Salt Bae’s Cafe di Dolce restaurant

In fact, I recommend to go to Cafe di Dolce, is good food. Perhaps, you can meet salt bae there. Certainly, that is going to be your rewards in Istanbul. Because for me, it was. Indeed, I waited two hours to record the video with him, due to, I love the show with the food and salt bae knows how to do it. In short, You will not regret the experience. By the way, you can be the next lucky to meet him.

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Location Istanbul, Turkey

Key Information

Cafe di Dolce Nusr-et

Qualification: Grateful/ Good

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $$ 25-50 AUD

Contact: +90 212 345 75 50

Website: None for now

Instagram: cafedidolceistinyepark

Address: Pınar Mahallesi, Katar Caddesi, No:11 İstinyepark AVM Sarıyer / İstanbul, 34460 İstanbul

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