Sometimes, my cravings lead me to wonderful restaurants. Hence, it’s how I found Maha, a fine dinning middle eastern cuisine. Besides, located it, in the heart of Melbourne CBD, on bond street.

Image by Good Food

After that, I went into the middle eastern restaurant and the first contact, it was a warm welcome. Then, I was sent to my table and the desires to try the most of the dishes. Therefore, Samurai gourmet chose the tasting menu 125pp. Because, it was including, almost the entire menu from Maha.

In addition, Maha has been awarded with One chef Hat by Good Food in Melbourne.

Samurai Gourmet inside of The Middle Eastern Cuisine

Image by Maha

First of all, at the moment to enter the middle eastern restaurant, I realized that was a cool place. Due to, the environment was very cozy and also so beautiful. However, it wasn’t for that reason only. In fact, Samurai Gourmet love good food and that was going to find out at Maha.

Firstly, I started with the Meze, where were served five degustation dishes such as:

  • Hummus, chickpeas, mushroom & pine nut jus
  • Maha’s freshly grilled bread & za’atar
  • Wagyu beef kibbeh neya, pickled onions, pomegranate & saltbush, beef crackling
  • Hiramasa Kingfish, arak, pickled shallots, dill
  • Mount zero olives, fel fel

Hummus, chickpeas, mushroom & pine nut jus

Image by Samurai Gourmet

Maha’s freshly grilled bread & za’atar

Image by Samurai Gourmet

Indeed, I liked them all but the two best, were the Hummus and the grilled bread. Besides, if you mix them together is just so delicious.

Then, the next to come at Maha was the entrée below.

Tahini & truffle custard, smoked potato, scallops & isot pepper

Image by Samurai Gourmet

In fact, it was really nice, a perfect balance of all ingredients. Besides, very refined and slightly warm dish. In short, I couldn’t ask for more, so elegant and tasty.

Above all, we know during a great experience with food. Sometimes, there is, a dish that you fall in love with it. So, it is what happened to me with next course.

Smoke Iranian rice, baby leeks, poached chicken & egg The Best

Image by Samurai Gourmet

Surely, it was the dish that I fall in love. In other words, it was the best of the night. Due to, a perfection, the tasty Iranian rice, the roasted baby leeks, the salty and creamy poached chicken and egg mix together, is magic. As a result, it’s too rich in flavors and so good.

After that, it was the turn of the Shared Main.

Slow roasted lamb shoulder, fermented capsicum burnt butter

Image by Samurai Gourmet

Although, The slow roasted lamb shoulder did not come alone. That is to say, it was also served with Freekah, black lentils & rice, fried onions and herbs. Besides, the autumn leaves salad. In short, it was very tasty, but by my opinion overshadowed, for the dish before.

Finally, getting to the end with The Dessert.

Cardamom crème brûlée, lemon jam, chocolate, black tahini ice cream

Image by Samurai Gourmet

Certainly, a beautiful dessert to finish my dinner at Maha. To complete an amazing night. As a result, nicely citrus that played very well with chocolate.

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Location Melbourne, Australia

Key Information

Maha Restaurant

Rate: 4,8/5 Grateful/Excellent

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $$$ 128 AUD

Contact: 03 9629 5900



Address: 21 Bond St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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