First of all, the Rosetta in Sydney, is the same restaurant that you can find in Melbourne. Besides, Also it’s run by the chef Neil Perry. So, an equal high quality of food, it’s the less what you can expect. And in reality is true, however, there are some differences between these two Italian restaurants.

First, Rosetta in Melbourne counts with two chef hats by Good Food Guide Awards 2020. On the other hand the restaurant in Sydney counts with one chef hat only.

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Therefore, when I arrived to Sydney, not to come to eat at Rosetta could have been a regret in my travel. Because, I have been in the same restaurant in Melbourne and the Italian food there, is so delicious. In short, I needed to try how was the food here as well.

Second difference, the flavors of the Italian food here, were more normal for me. Even if I liked, Rosetta in Sydney is a bit far, for the amazing flavors of the restaurant in Melbourne. Where is reflected and how many chef hats counts each place.

In addition, inside the Italian restaurant, the elegance does not change. Hence, a nice place to enjoy lunch or dinner in the Rocks.

The dinner of Samurai Gourmet at Rosetta Sydney

Although, it was simple dinner at this restaurant with a pasta and a glass of red wine. Just to taste the Italian food and how authentic is here.

Maccheroncini All’amatriciana

Image by Samurai Gourmet

In fact, I wanted to try a pasta all’amatriciana. Because, in New York at the restaurant Pasquale Jones, it had a pizza all’amatriciana on the menu and it was the best, so tasty. Due to, a nice guanciale, plus the italian tomato sauce, red onion, chilli and pecorino romano cheese. In short, it was my favorite pizza in Manhattan.

Read more about Pasquale Jones in Little Italy.

Therefore, when I saw this pasta all’amatriciana on the menu with the same ingredients of the pizza. After that, my cravings appeared and the choice was made. As a result, the pasta was good but for me a bit lack of flavors.

In addition, this pasta is tricky because depends a lot of the strong flavors of the guanciale, to make the best amatriciana. That is to say, not using the right ingredients is more difficult to get the best taste of authentic Italian food.

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Location Sydney, Australia

Key Information

Rosetta Sydney Restaurant

Qualification: Grateful/Very Good

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $$60 AUD

Contact: (02) 8099 7089



Address: 118 Harrington St, The Rocks NSW 2000


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