Everyone who has been in Sydney, has surely wondered, what is into the Opera House. In fact, here you will find the Australian restaurant called Bennelong. Awarded with two Chef Hat by Food Guide Awards 2020.

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And all started, when I was on holidays in Sydney. Where the same questions came to my mind. Therefore, I went to find out, the mystery inside of the Opera House. After that, my booking in one of the best restaurants in this city was done.

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Besides, the person behind of Bennelong, it’s the famous chef Peter Gilmore. Which the main focus of his restaurant, is features the Australian cuisine with refine techniques, to enjoy a nice fine dining.

Samurai Gourmet inside Bennelong

Since the moment I got in, I was feeling very captivated. Due to, the amazing view and also the elegance of the place. As a result, the perfect spot to invite your lover, to surprise with a lunch or dinner that them could never forget.

But now, let’s go with what I ate at Bennelong.

Smoked David Blackmore Wagyu Tartare

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The first dish was an entree with horseradish cream, capers, parsley, crispy beef tendon and of course, the rangers valley wagyu. In short, I enjoyed it from beginning to end

Mooloolaba Yellowfin Tuna

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Then, I continued with another entree with yellowfin tuna, kohlrabi remoulade, anchovy emulsion, black rice and laver crisps. Despite, it’s not on the menu anymore, it was a very light and tasty dish.

Cherry jam lamington

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To finish my dinner at Bennelong, the dessert had to be taste. Therefore, it’s when I asked to the waitress gives me an effective choice. Then, the brown chocolate and white, with cherry jam brought me, to the sweetest experience of an amazing dessert.

Clouds of Passion my favorite cocktail at Bennelong

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Certainly, it’s the first time that I speak about drinks. But these cocktails were really good and this one was even better. In fact, Clouds of Passion consisted in strawberry infused Ketel One Vodka, passionfruit, mandarin, vanilla and passionfruit cloud. In short, a bit bitter but so good.

The Corso

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The next drink was also with passionfruit. Because I love the flavour and the citrus part of this fruit. Besides, in cocktails plays an important role. Indeed, The Corso was made with vanilla infused, bulleit rye, tempus fugit violet, passionfruit and raspberry. As a result, give it a try.

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Key Information

Bennelong Restaurant

Qualification: Grateful/excellent

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $$$90 AUD

Contact: 02 9240 8000 /reservations@bennelong.com.au



Address: Bennelong Point Sydney Opera House, Sydney NSW 2000

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