Cafe Privato is a restaurant based in traditional turkish breakfast “kahvalti”, lunch and dinner. Besides, it is a cozy place with delicious Turkish dessert featuring baklava and pancakes. In addition, the spot is located on a hide street in Istanbul with a privileged view of the Galata Tower. In fact, It is a place to go to spend a nice moment accompanied of delicious turkish food. Quite comfortable with tasty dishes that are the main characteristics at Cafe Privato.


Kahvalti Turkish Breakfast

turkish sweet baklava

Certainly, like this it’s how looks a Turkish Breakfast here. That is to say, you can order all this food and trying delicious flavors but the best for me it was the turkish baklava and pancakes. However, there are too many options where you can choose free that whet your appetite. Also, here you can enjoy nice Turkish tea and coffee, besides latte and cappuccino. In short, it’s a good place to eat authentic Turkish dessert and more.


Turkish Dessert Baklava & Pancakes

First of all, Baklava is a turkish dessert made of filo dough and filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey. On the other hand, the Turkish pancakes is a secret recipe from the restaurant.

Photography by Samurai Gourmet

Indeed, I highly recommend to eat turkish baklava and pancakes at Cafe Privato, because I ate in several places in istanbul. However, my best experience was in this spot. In other words, the home made baklava accompanied with Turkish pancakes served with fruit compote. As a result, they are one of the best in Town.

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Location Istanbul, Turkey

Key Information

Restaurant Cafe Privato

Qualification: Grateful/Very Good

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Price: $$ 15-25 AUD

Contact: +90 212 293 20 55

Website: no website

Instagram: privatocafe

Address: Şahkulu, Tımarcı Sk. No:3, 34421 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turquía

Written by Samurai Gourmet

A samurai eating freely without being held back or afraid of criticizing restaurants which do not meet the requirements of his taste, and being grateful for those which gives the most beautiful culinary experience. Recommending to the people where and what they must eat in places unknown.


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