Turkish Breakfast “Kahvalti” meaning before coffee is the name given to this delicious food. In fact, the first image comes to me about Turkish Breakfast is a full table of meal as tea, jams, olives, donuts, cheeses, bal kaymak (honey with clotted cream), sucuk (spicy sausage with fried eggs), simit (circular bread with sesame seed), menemen (scrambled eggs with green peppers, tomatoes and onion), fresh cucumber and tomatoes, gozleme and more.


Turkish Breakfast

Photography by Samurai Gourmet instagram

Indeed, the decision of not knowing from where to start, it is the most beautiful sensation on this table. That is to say Turkish breakfast or brunch as you want to call it, it is abundant and delicious. Due to, of sweet and salted meal that surely it will give you an incredible experience about food.



Photography by bazlama.kahvalti instagram

Jam and homemade compote fruit play an important role in the turkish breakfast. Almost, in every place where I ate in Istanbul, they were suggested.


Turkish Tea & Simit Turkish bagel

Photography by foodie.advice instagram

In fact, no one can deny that Turkish tea is an emblematic hot drink from Turkey. In other words, Turkey is one of the most consumers and producers of tea in the world. On the other hand, Simit or also known as Turkish bagel is part of the turkish culture that can be found in every corner of Istanbul, mostly in food trucks.

Therefore, tea and simit are a must in Turkish Breakfast.


Bal kaymak honey with clotted cream

Photography by Emirgan sutis website

Although, bal kaymak can be consumed as a dessert. However, mainly it is used for breakfast, that is to say, where can not be miss in a traditional Turkish breakfast.

As a result, it is one the most tasty dish, once you start eating it. Surely, there is no way to stop.


Menemen Turkish scrambled eggs

Photography by Tripavisor website

Indeed, scrambled eggs are eaten in the whole world for breakfast the most. But in Turkey has its own way with ingredients such as green peppers, tomatoes, onion and cheese. To sum up, Turkish scrambled eggs is one of the greatest dish in Turkish breakfast.



Photography by bazlama.kahvalti instagram

Certainly, there is no more pleasant experience than when you can see how someone makes fresh food. Indeed, it is how they prepare the gozleme in this turkish restaurant.

Photography by bazlama.kahvalti instagram

In addition, the flatbread is filled with spinach and feta cheese. After that just wait for a tasty and warm gozleme that will be brought to your table.



Photography by bazlama.kahvalti instagram

In fact, it is not a secret that donuts are delicious. Besides just coming out from the deep fried, it is an explosion of great taste that can not be beat. That is to say, it is so good.


Sucuk spicy sausage with fried eggs

Another must-see dish in a traditional turkish breakfast, despite it was not my favorite, if I compare with bal kaymak, menemen or gozleme because those were amazing delicious. In fact, I still recommend to eat it, due to, it is so typical Turkish dish in breakfast.


Turkish breakfast at Restaurant çeşme bazlama kahvaltı nişantaşı

Photography by çeşme bazlama kahvaltı nişantaşı instagram

First of all, here you do not have to bother to order the food, in other words, everything is taken to your table. Besides, filling up with different typical turkish food until it is completely full. In addition, watching a woman how is making the fresh gozleme in the moment to get in at the turkish restaurant. Certainly, whet your appetite and then when your food is arriving to your table, it is just magical.

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Location Istanbul, Turkey

Key Information

Restaurant çeşme bazlama kahvaltı nişantaşı

Qualification: Grateful/Excellent

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $$ 20 AUD

Contact: +90 212 951 06 91

Website: https://www.bazlamakahvalti.com

Instagram: bazlama.kahvalti

Address: Teşvikiye, Ahmet Fetgari Sk. No:40 D:No:40, 34365 Şişli/ İstanbul, Turkey


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