Turkish Tea is the most popular hot drink in Turkey, moreover, you can find it everywhere. Because, I spent my whole travel eating in different restaurants in Istanbul and almost all of them, has given to me a tea, and some of them, for free, after finishing my meal. But, do not worry, if you have to pay, because is really cheap and some places are giving it for nothing.

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Most of the tea produced in Turkey is Rize tea, this tea is usually processed as black tea, although it is known for its rich red color.

Turkey is one of the largest producers the tea in the world. Furthermore, in 2004, Turkey had the highest per capita tea consumption in the planet, at 2.5 kg per person, followed by the United Kingdom 2.1 kg.

Turkish tea is prepared using two stacked kettles. First of all, when the water is boiling in the larger lower kettle has to be used to fill the smaller kettle on top with the tea, then, it is ready to be served in the small glasses.

Turkish Tea in istanbul

Being more a coffee drinker, Turkish tea, I enjoyed it, even drinking more than one after each meal. Therefore, it is very good. Surely, If I were living in Istanbul, probably the tea could be my favorite hot drink, because, it is too popular in their culture, by the way, coffee was displaced by tea. As a result, Turkish tea has become the first hot drink more consumed in Turkey.

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