First of all, for anybody who likes authentic Mexican tacos. Indeed, they know how important it is to make the “Tortillas” (tacos dough) in-house. Well, lucky you, because Taquito, the Mexican restaurant in Carlton, makes its own.

On the other hand, before going to eat at a new place, I do my research most of the time. Because, sometimes, I find beautiful places to eat just by going around the city of Melbourne. But in this case, I checked on Instagram to find out that a famous chef followed the Mexican restaurant Taquito. Besides, if you want to know who he is, it is Ben Shewry Attica’s head chef.

Image by Taquito bar

After that, I considered Taquito a reliable spot because chefs usually follow restaurants with good food. Besides, If it were me, surely I am not gonna follow a place that doesn’t give me delicious food. Moreover, In my life, I take it seriously when it comes to “tacos” because, being in Mexico, I have tried the best places, such as Taqueria Honorio in Tulum. Therefore, knowing about this Mexican restaurant in Carlton, I decided to come to taste its tacos.

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Samurai Gourmet at Taquito

In fact, once inside, the place is excellent, and the staff is kind and comes to your table fast. Besides, the menu comes with smaller plates, and what was interesting for me was the Ceviche del dia. Although it’s a Peruvian dish and not Mexican, I wanted to eat it. Due to this, I love fresh fish more when it is marinated in lemon juice. Moreover, the menu had eight tacos, four vegetarian and four with meat, including one with fish.

Not to mention the “Aguas Frescas”, which means fresh waters without alcohol, a Mexican soft drink. In fact, where I got the Horchata, a homemade drink with rice and almond. 

In addition, also another tasty Mexican food at Taquito was the burritos. That is to say, it consists of some filling such as black beans, shredded Oaxaca cheese and rice wrapped into a flour Tortilla, or also it can be served open.

Horchata Homemade Drink with Rice & Almond 

Image by Samurai Gourmet

In fact, for me, this drink was good but, at the same time, a bit average at Taquito. Because I have tasted in New York City, where there is a vast community of Mexicans and, of course, in Mexico. So, to have drunk it in those places, surely, was much better. But give it a try, still is good enough, and you are gonna know about an authentic Mexican drink.

Ceviche del Dia

Image by Samurai Gourmet

Certainly, I was very glad to have seen it on the menu. Because Ceviche was part of the weekly dish that I ate when living in Chile. Although it’s a typical Peruvian food, as I said before, it has been adopted by the Chilean people. Due to being neighbours countries delicious food across borders. In short, let’s go back to Taquito to tell you that this ceviche with dice avocado was very good.

Tacos at Taquito

Image by Samurai Gourmet

To be honest, I love meat, and when it comes to Mexican food, plus tacos, it must be with meat. And chilli, of course. So, I ordered four tacos, such as BBQ Ox Tongue, Braised Kangaroo Tail, Pork Hock Carnitas and Three Chillies. Although I liked them all, my favourite at Taquito was “Braised Kangaroo Tail”, which is very superior and flavour to the others. Besides, don’t worry about “The Three Chillies Taco”. In other words, it is not spicy at all, and I am disappointed about that because I love spicy food.

Grilled Chicken Burrito

Image by Samurai Gourmet

Above all, the Chicken Burrito was the best for me at Taquito, very fully that one was enough to get happy and satisfied. Due to, the only complaint about the tacos, they were so small and very expensive, $8 AUD each. Hence, the burrito safe my life because it was delicious and very big.

Image by Samurai Gourmet

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Location Melbourne, Australia

Key Information

Taquito Restaurant

Rate: 4,4/5 Grateful/Very Good

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $$ 80 AUD

Contact: Phone +61 450 651 247/ Email



Address: 350 Drummond St Carlton 3053 – Melbourne

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