Lately, to go out to eat tacos in Melbourne has become too often for me. Due to, I have found beautiful places where to eat it. Besides, the cravings to find better taco places, greed to me. Because, tacos is my favorite Mexican food and think that I could feel the tastes as is in Mexico, just not words. Therefore, it’s when one day I found Los Hermanos, a Mexican Taqueria.

Image by Los Hermanos

Moreover, literally at Los Hermanos, so far, it has been the best tacos that I have tried in Melbourne. On the other hand, surely there are more delicious spots to taste, and one of them, is Dingo Ate My Taco. But there, are specialized in Birria tacos, a bit different to the normal and also, the way to eat it. However, they are the best in town.

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Samurai Gourmet into the Mexican taqueria in Melbourne

First of all, everything what I ate here, such as Gorditas and Quesadillas, was good. But the tacos were incredible, I could say that these are the most authentic tacos in town, as is in Mexico. Surely, better than Mamasita, Hotel Jesus and Radio Mexico located in St Kilda.

Besides, also I drunk a michelada at Los Hermanos a typical Mexican drink that has beer, lemon, spicy sauce and salt. However, it was flat and without flavor. In other words, it was really far from the original tastes that one day, I tried in Playa del Carmen. But, you know what, these tacos made me forget this mistake. Because, I still think this dinner, was one of the most beautiful experience with Mexican food in Melbourne.

Video by Samurai Gourmet

Moreover, after the dinner at Los Hermanos, the first thing what Samurai Gourmet did, was shares his experience with friends. But, the most important, with the Mexican community out there. So then, they told me that the Gorditas, I tried at the taqueria, actually looked like empanadas. Due to, which my friend eats every time that is showed on photo below, where was made in the city of Culiacan in Mexico.

Image by Samurai Gourmet

On the other hand, also I did my research. And although the Gorditas has different shapes. Certainly, it more likely to a Tortilla, rather than an empanada. But, I cannot deny the taste was good.

As a result, grateful to the great tacos at Los Hermanos, I still rate this place as the best so far. Which brought me, the most authentic Mexican tacos in Melbourne.

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Location Melbourne, Australia

Key Information

Los Hermanos

Rate: 5/5 Grateful/Excellent

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $$35 AUD

Contact: (03) 9939 3661 /



Address: 339 Victoria St, Brunswick

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