One of the main thing that I realized about food of any country. That is so difficult to find authentic flavors when the origin come from another place. In other words, Mamasita is a Mexican restaurant that is located in Melbourne. In fact, too far away from Mexico but this is the point, because this restaurant has traditional Mexican flavors. However I have been in other places, saying that is Mexican food but is taste as an Indian cuisine. And, don’t get wrong because I love Indian food. But, they just fail saying that they are making Mexican food when in reality, they aren’t.

And it’s here where appears Mamasita a Mexican restaurant run by an Argentinian Chef Martin Zozaya that moved to Mexico when he was nine. Therefore, it’s almost impossible not to find good Mexican influence at this spot. But, how I said before is always difficult to get these authentic flavors. Because, I want to be honest, I love the food at Mamasita. However it’s gonna be always a step behind from the good places from Mexico.

Image by Mamasita

Mamasita Good Mexican Food

Perhaps I’m a bit strict with Mamasita. But Mexican food for me, it is almost everything. And that is one of my regrets, due to I live in Australia. That is to say, far away from this amazing cuisine.

After the honest part, it’s time to be fair with Mamasita. Because, it’s a fact that you can find Mexican food here and I can say some touches from Melbourne and Argentina as well. Besides, the restaurant is very popular and is strange not to find it full.

On the other hand, the price is a bit a dilemma. Due to, I have eaten the best tacos of all my life in Tulum, Mexico, where each taco cost $18 Mexican pesos around $1.5 AUD. However at Mamasita two tacos for $14 AUD. In indeed, the change is hard but almost all the good Mexican restaurants in Melbourne, have the same price.

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The Dinner of Samurai Gourmet at Mamasita

First of all, if you ask me about Mexican food, the first thing that it comes to my mind are tacos. So, it was the beginning of my dinner, following with grilled corns, then quesadilla and of course michelada Mexican drink.

Tacos Al Pastor & Campechano

Image by Samurai Gourmet

It’s inevitable to order tacos al pastor. Because it’s a must to eat in the Mexican food. Plus the salsa verde and pineapple. As a result, very good tacos at Mamasita. On the other hand, tacos campechanos with grilled ox tongue and cheek, chilli and pickles that I haven’t tried before but I loved it.

Quesadillas blue cheese, goat’s cheese, caramelised onion & Corn

Image by Samurai Gourmet

The quesadillas was more like a fusion of flavors. In other words, as a Mexican dish that was changed with other ingredients. In short, it was really good but a dish with taste out of Mexico.

Chargrilled corn, cotija, lime, chipotle mayo

Image by Adelaide food central

If it’s tacos is a must another Mexican food that you can not avoid is corn. Also it’s very authentic, plus the great touch with which they make this dish is unique.And it’s so, popular at Mamasita.

Location Melbourne, Australia

Key Information

Mamasita Restaurant

Qualification: Grateful/Very Good

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $$60 AUD

Contact: 0412 450 766


Address: Level 1/11 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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