Lasagna is a traditional Italian dish that consist in layers of flat wide pasta filling with a type of ragu such as ground meat, vegetables such as celery, onion, carrot and tomato sauce. Besides of bechamel sauce and cheese such as mozzarella, parmesan and ricotta. In addition. it is seasonings with garlic, oregano and basil to be baked in the oven. Certainly the lasagna is one of the most oldest pasta in Italy.



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Although the lasagna has been attributed its origin of the city of Naples. However the Neapolitan version is totally different to which we all know. In other words, including ingredients such as sausages, small fried meatballs and hard boiled eggs.

Therefore the lasagna being popular through whole Italy has different ways of making it. On the other hand, where I ate the lasagna in the restaurant La Campana, seemed be made to the traditional form. Similarly to everyone knows such as the flat pasta, ragu, bechamel and cheese.


La Campana The Oldest Restaurant in Rome

Since 1518 when was born the restaurant La Campana, where is located in Vicolo della Campana. In fact, the street gave the name to the restaurant in the heart of the center of the capital.

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In the 1800s it became a must to visit inn passing by tourists.

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Besides of illustrious guests of art stopped at La Campana such as Pablo Picasso and others. Further of the Queen of Spain who crossed the doors of the restaurant.

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It is 500 years old makes to the restaurant La Campana a place full of history and tradition. Where famous people who stopped to helped to make well known the tradition of a family by their passion and love for cooking.

Moreover, an environment maintained by centuries the classic style, also privileging the good taste of the food and quality of the service, duo to the careful and well-kept friendliness that makes guests feel at home.

As a result, here you will find great Roman cuisine with tradition of dishes of the past that makes them more appealing to the pleasure to all palates.

Certainly, it is a must to visit to any person who wants to eat authentic Roman cuisine.


Location Rome, Italy

Key Information

Restaurant La Campana

Qualification: Grateful/Excellent

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $$ 15 EUR

Contact:+39 066875273


Instagram: ristorantelacampana

Address: Vicolo della Campana, 18, Rome

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