Cacio e Pepe

Cacio e pepe means cheese and peppers in Italian language, besides is a typical pasta from Rome. In other words, it is part of the Roman cuisine. Mainly cacio e pepe pasta consist in pecorino romano cheese, black pepper and spaghetti.

Simple is better the pasta is prepared, once the spaghetti is cooked, in a bowl are poured the grated cheese with black pepper then are mixed the three ingredients together. Consequently adding some starchy hot water to make a sauce. Duo to the heat smelt the pecorino. In short, provoking that the cheese with black pepper stuck to the spaghetti

Photography by Samurai Gourmet Instagram

This Cacio e pepe was so tasty, if I have to compare which was the best pasta that I tried in Italy. The ranking is like this. First one was pasta carbonara, second spaghetti with clams and then cacio e pepe. Certainly, you must eat it, if you are in this country.

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A good cacio e pepe at Antonello Colonna Open Bistro in the airport of Rome

Photography by Antonello Colonna website

In fact, it is not easy to find good restaurants in the airports, further with authentic flavors from the city. However, in the restaurant Antonello Colonna open bistro located in the airport Fiumicino, terminal 1 in Rome. Certainly, it was the best cacio e pepe that I have eaten.

Above all, it is a really good place to eat the modern Italian cuisine. Duo to the chef has been awarded with one michelin star by his restaurant Antonello Colonna Labico. Consequently this guarantees good food and a nice cacio e pepe pasta.

On the other hand, the restaurant located in the airport of Fiumicino is much cheaper than the restaurant awarded with one michelin star that is to say is approachable to everyone.

Besides, you do not have to leave the airport to find a good a place to eat. As a result to get an authentic italian dish “cacio e pepe” part of the Roman cuisine without spending too much time looking for the right place.

Antonello Colonna Open Bistro

Photography by Tripadvisor

One of the main characteristics of this restaurant that count with “Open Food buffet”. In other words, as a fast lunch to the travellers who do not have time to order a la carte, but whether it is available for those who do have time to enjoy delicious Italian food. Also, there are a large variety of wine to accompany your meal.

Therefore, this place was designed to to prove that the high quality of the food can be make anywhere. In fact, Antonello Colonna Open Bistro gives a top level dining of great Italian culinary tradition. Where travellers can taste typical dishes of the country without to get out of the airport.

Location Rome, Italy

Key Information

Restaurant Antonello Colonna Open Bistro

Qualification: Grateful/Excellent

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $$20 EUR

Contact: +39 06 6501 7384


Instagram: antonellocolonna

Address: Fiumicino Airport – Terminal 1, Departure Area B 7

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