After two times that I have tasted the Italian food at Lupino. In fact, I always got amazing flavors from Italy. And for those who love Tipo 00 a famous Italian restaurant in Melbourne, besides awarded with one chef hat. On the other hand, Lupino does not have to envy anything to that place. Due to, this spot has good Italian food, to be rank with the best in this city.

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Moreover, one of the main characteristics at Lupino is that they have an open kitchen. Besides, Where you can eat on the table or on the bar to watch closer how they make your drinks and food. That is to say, it’s just up to you because the tasty flavors are not going to change.


Samurai Gourmet inside at Lupino

Indeed, the key here is to keep it simple. In other words, you won’t see share-plate options to be on the menu. Rather, there are dishes that stand-alone. But, they can be share on the table, as you wish. At the end, they want that the guests make their own. Another thing that I realized at Lupino that they don’t count with more than six pastas, four pizzas, three entrees and three mains on the menu . And some few desserts, very good by the way.


Veal & Amaretto agnolotti, burnt butter & Sage Sauce

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Then my first lunch, where I tried two pastas. Starting with the veal agnolotti, the agree about good Italian was imminent. In short, I completely recommend this pasta because is delicious.

Taglioloni All’amatriciana

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The second dish was one of the most typical Roman pasta and one of the most tasty as well. Due to, the ingredients such as guanciale, chilli, red onion and tomato sauce make of this dish something incredible. Plus, the parmesan cheese that is grated at the moment by the waiter until you want stop. In other words, if you want a mountain of cheese on your pasta, it can be done.


ButterMilk Panna Cotta with Roasted Rhubarb & Amaretti

Image by Samurai Gourmet

In fact, this was my second time at Lupino and don’t get confused about if I ordered just a dessert. Because that is a resounding no. Therefore. I started with two pastas Tagliatelle Oxtail Ragu and then the Orecchiette with Italian sausage, cime di rapa & pecorino romano. In short, these dishes were so good. However I wanted to featured this dessert. Due to, I love rhubarbs and it has been one the most amazing discover in my life in the kitchen or restaurants. Where in any dish plays a fabulous role but mostly in desserts. Almost, forgetting the sweet cannolo siciliano a gift by Lupino restaurant.

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Location Melbourne, Australia

Key Information

Lupino Restaurant

Qualification: Grateful/Very Good

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $$60 AUD

Contact:(03) 9639 0333


Instagram: None

Address: 41 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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