Although I always wanted to eat at Kisumé, I never thought I would be there that day. Certainly, I wasn’t expecting to come here. Suddenly, I went out on Monday to have dinner in the city of Melbourne, precisely in the CBD.

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Besides, being conscious that on Flinders Lane street, there are several beautiful restaurants to eat varied kinds of yummy food. Such as Chin Chin, Supernormal, Tonka, Pastuso, Lee Ho Fook and Kisumé, amongst others.

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Moreover, I was passing by the Japanese restaurant Kisumé. Therefore, the craving to eat sushi appeared in my mind. Furthermore, having an Omakase experience opened my appetite for Japanese food.

In addition, not to mention that Kisumé accounts with Two Chef Hats Awarded by Good Food in 2020. In other words, excellent Japanese food must be made here.

Samurai Gourmet at Kisumé

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Once, I was outside a Japanese restaurant and soon realised that one of my chef’s friends works there. Hence, he always advised me to come to eat at his place. Besides, the absolute pleasure of eating sushi made it possible. After that, I entered and ate almost half of the menu, which I will tell you about now.

5 deluxe Sushi

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Indeed, starting with 5 Nigiris was unique, desiring that my sushi never run out. After my first bite with the Kumamoto 5A into the smoky glass, Toro, Wagyu MS7, and Scampi Pearl were all delicious. But the Toro and Kumamoto were the best.

Kingfish Sashimi, Truffle Soy, Chives and Shio Kombu

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Above all, making good Sashimi can look simple but requires great skill and experience with fish. Likewise, at Kisumé, they make one of the tastiest Kingfish with truffle soy, chives and shio kombu. In short, so good, you must eat it here.

The Crispy Wagyu Beef Truffles, Truffles Mayo and Mozzarella

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Another great dish was the arancini with mozzarella in the Crispy Wagyu Beef. Besides, I was dipping it in the Truffles Mayo. As a result, I don’t have words for such yummy food.

Snapper yuzu kosho, dashi, misuna & furikake

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Definitely, this dinner has been one of the most difficult, talking about choosing the best dish of the night. But, this Snapper was something special, that is to say, lightly spicy and super tasty. In fact, it was above all the other dishes that I ate at the Japanese Restaurant. Likewise, the sushi and the snapper were the best of the night at Kisumé.

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If I hadn’t ordered the five deluxe sushi and snapper, the Moreton Bay sushi roll would have been the favourite of my meal. Due to this, the mix was great. Also, the aioli on the top was magnificent. Therefore, outstanding ever more this dish. In short, now I know why it is popular here.

Pork Gyozas Steamed, Chili furikake and Garlic Sauce

After a night of great dishes, the Pork Gyozas did their job to continue the streak of tasty food.

Chicken Teriyaki, Celeriac and Mustard

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Although, I expected a little bit more of the Chicken Teriyaki. Also, it did its job, or the other dishes were too good to compare. But, to sum up, it was lovely.

Chocolate, Toki, Raspberry yuzu, Japanese whisky cream, puffed rice crunch, yuzu meringue & raspberry sherbet

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In fact, I chose this dessert just by instinct because the waitress was recommending me another one. Hence, I was expecting too much for it due to the beautiful ingredients that contained the dessert. Then I tried it. So, the expectation was higher than the taste, but still, it was good for me.

In conclusion, Samurai Gourmet reckons to eat at Kisumé has been one of the most incredible dinners in Melbourne so far.

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Location Melbourne, Australia

Key Information

Kisumé Restaurant

Rate: 4,9/5 Grateful/Excellent

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $$$$ 120 AUD

Contact: (03) 9671 4444 / BOOKINGS@KISUME.COM.AU





  1. Great Sushi is a very different experience than good sushi……….Interesting to me……….My first experience to sushi was by Chef Morimotto so I am very opinionated…..I used to live relatively close to the restaurant he worked at. No other sushi was like Morimotos…….

    1. Exactly sushi is my favourite food above all, likewise tacos, but with just one different, nice sushi expensive and the best tacos so cheap, regardless those are my favourites

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