Surely, the most lovely dinner that I have eaten in a while. But not, because I haven’t been in other beautiful restaurant with great food. However, Matilda located in 159 Domain Rd, South Yarra gave me one of the most enjoyable Australian cuisine. Where everything was perfect. That is to say, from the charming welcome from the open kitchen and the host, until the last dish.

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Besides, the restaurant Matilda count with One Chef Hat by Good Food 2020. In fact, the lovely food as Samurai gourmet described his dinner here, it’s guaranteed. In addition, this place reminded me a lot, to the restaurant called Birch that I visited in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Actually, this is the best restaurant in this city right now.

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Samurai Gourmet at Matilda

First of all, here you will find the modern Australian flavors with the pride of local products. Therefore, making dishes such as the snack Kangaroo tartare, the entrée Island Spanner Crab, the main Mila Farm Duck and the dessert Apple Tarte Tatin. Surely, unforgettable choice. In short, all these dishes were part of my dinner at Matilda 159.

Kangaroo Tartare, Fermented Chili & Buckwheat

Image by Samurai Gourmet

Certainly, I could not start better at Matilda with a small snack as the kangaroo tartare, very nice and tasty.

Dressed Fraser Island Spanner Crab, Prawn Butter & Flatbread

Image by Samurai Gourmet

Then, a refreshing entrée as the Island Spanner Crab served with Prawn Butter and flatbread that created a perfect match, standing out the flavors of any ingredient of this dish. As a result, a beautiful balance of delicious food.

Mila Farm Duck, Musquee De Provence, kumquat & Pressed Leg

Another great dish was the main. Due to, the Duck with the Pumpkin “Musquee de Provence” was incredible, just mix both of them and go straight to your mouth. In fact, the result is glorious. Besides, the kumquat and pressed leg, are also part of the main and very tasty by the way.

Apple Tarte Tatin, Apple Caramel, Miso & Vanilla Ice-cream

Image by Samurai Gourmet

Surely, the pride of the house or rather the restaurant Matilda. That is to say, from the host to the bartender the Apple Tarte Tatin, is just wow for them. Therefore, they were looking forward that I had to try this dessert, because is the best. Well, so I am good listener and took the recommendation with wisdom. In short, I can say, is just the best, super nice and delicious.

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Location Melbourne, Australia

Key Information

Matilda 159 Restaurant

Rate: Grateful/Excellent

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Spend: $$$ 120 AUD, Food and Drinks

Contact: (03) 9089 6668



Address: 159 Domain Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141

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