First of all, I don’t have the count of how many times. I passed by outside Il Bacaro and never enter. Surely, I wasn’t aware that this Italian restaurant has One Chef Hat. But not just that also incredible food.

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After that, my only regrets was, not to have come before to eat here. However, the wait was over, because the day arrived. Certainly, a nice and not too big place as it is il Bacaro. Besides very cozy, which brings elegant Italian flavors and very authentic as well.

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In fact, Samurai Gourmet is a lover of good pasta and even more, if it is traditional food. Therefore, two pastas, one entrée and the most beautiful Italian dessert that I have tried. As a result, almost the perfect dinner and I said almost because I missed something at Il Bacaro. Where you will know now.

Samurai Gourmet at Il Bacaro

Indeed, all started with a pretty entrée Seared Venison Loin, very nice by the way. On the other hand, my eyes were focus in the pasta, because I think in pasta you can find the most authentic Italian food. That one day I tried in Italy with very simple ingredients but with so beautiful flavors and it was here, where I missed a little that taste. Besides, what really stole my heart was the dessert Limoncello Baba that was reminding me, the city of Naples.

Seared Venison Loin, Balsamic Cherries, Cauliflower Puree, Spring Onion, Black Garlic & Radish

In fact, the first in arrives was the entrée like always Samurai Gourmet ordered to start a lunch or dinner. Besides, where the Seared Venison Loin really surprised me in a good way for sure. In other words, this dish was super elegant, beautiful and tasty. Therefore, it’s a good choice to begin at Il bacaro.

Cavatelli, Clams, Wakame Emulsion, Basil & Bottarga

Then, the next to come was the Cavatelli Pasta with Clams that I ordered it at Il Bacaro, because pasta with clams in Italy, it is so popular but also super authentic Italian food. That’s why I chose it, and it was chosen well, even when I think in the country where the pizza comes from, is much tastier. Perhaps I’m being so strict, to compare the Italian food from Italy with what is made in Melbourne. Because, always the local has the advantage. In short, it is a beautiful pasta for those who love seafood and obviously clams.

Pappardelle, Goat Ragu, Parsley, Chickpea & Provolone Dolce

Surely, for those who already follows Samurai Gourmet, they know that he doesn’t eat just one pasta. Due to, it not enough and also because with this dish he can find the most authentic Italian flavors, and this Pappardelle Goat Ragu gave me that. But again the same dilemma appears, where is much better in Italy or at Il Bacaro in Melbourne. As I said before is difficult to beat the local. However I will leave up to you, to decide that. In the meantime I just can recommend you this pasta because it is so good.

Limoncello Baba, Mascarpone & White Chocolate Semifredo, Lemon Myrtle & meringue The star at Il Bacaro

I don’t know if you know about the Limoncello and the Baba. But if you have been in Naples. Certainly, you might know them because these two are one of the most popular and authentic food and drink from this city. In short, Limoncello is a lemon liquor and baba is a sweet cake saturated in syrup made with hard liquor, usually rum. So, at Il Bacaro created one of the most beautiful and delicious dessert. Due to, instead of using rum they used limoncello into the baba, making the best sweet, so tasty and amazing. In fact, I don’t have words of how great was this dessert because at my first bite the city of Naples came to my mind to reminding me when I was there.

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Location Melbourne, Australia

Key Information

Il Bacaro Restaurant

Qualification: Grateful/ excellent

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $$$ 150 AUD

Contact: (03) 9654 6778



Address: 168-170 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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