Perhaps I haven’t eaten in all the good Japanese sushi restaurant in Melbourne. Although in some of them yes, such as Nobu, Kisume and not to mention the sushi in Tokyo. However, until now, Akaiito gave me, the most beautiful omakase experience. And not only for delicious taste, but also for its fair price. In fact, for $130 AUD you can try one of the most incredible sushi in the city, very authentic and super tasty.

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On the other hand, far away from the expensive and high quality restaurants as Minamishima, with three- hat and Tempura Hajime

The robata omakase station is the best way to approach Akaiito.
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Besides, another amazing way of cooking that you can find here, is the Grill. Where differents kind of meats are cooked on a charcoal grill that creates, a so good Japanese BBQ.

Samurai Gourmet At Akaiito

At the moment I entered in the Japanese restaurant, a big square table with some well dressed chefs into it appeared. Besides, a charcoal grill, chairs on the side nicely put and sharp knives. The mind of Samurai Gourmet started to figure out what it was going to come.

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Despite, in my first dinner at Akaiito I did not taste sushi, rather it was robata with Chicken Tsukune, Wagyu Negi-Ma, Tori Kosho Yaki and to finish the dessert. In short, it was really good but the Yakitori that I tried in Tokyo was even tastier.

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Then, in my second time at Akaiito talking with the chef in charge, my omakase experience was inevitable. But not only because I wanted to eat it, also due to the Japanese chef wanted to prove me that he could make so authentic sushi as in Japan. Therefore, I was so excited to eat it.


Surely, at my first bite I was travelling to Tokyo again into my mind. Due to, the great taste but also for the high quality. In fact, I ate 12 pieces of sushi (nigiri) and all of them were beautiful.

And he was the person who made my best sushi experience until now. By the way, it wasn’t the famous Heston Blumenthal, if not the Japanese chef beside Uein Hayashi.

Moreover, I hear the sad news that he is no longer working at Akaiito. That is to say, it’s unknown how will be another visit here.

As a result, the chef Uein Hayashi gave me an unique Japanese cuisine. In other words, he challenges me, in my next travel to Japan to try the most refine sushi. In short, in a Three Michelin starred restaurant to compare his level with the best.

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Location Melbourne, Australia

Key Information

Akaiito Restaurant

Qualification: Grateful/Excellent

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Price: The best Omakase experience chef selection $$$ 130 AUD

Contact: 03 9620 1343



Address: 349-351 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

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