Although, there are thousands of sushi restaurants, where you can eat high quality of sushi in Tokyo, mainly nigiri. But, to eat the best one requires some skills to choose the right place. And there are several ways to find good sushi, where I going to explain you now.

Moreover, If you have not visited yet Tokyo, what you know about sushi might be wrong. In fact, Nigiri is the most traditional way of making sushi in Japan. Besides the most common but a higher price.

Japanese Sushi Nigiri

California roll

Another one it’s the sushi roll. But before travelling to Tokyo, the sushi was looking like this to me.

sushi in tokyo

And being here, I realized that California roll is not considered sushi from Japanese people, rather is the evolved outside of Japan. On the other hand, it can be found in this country, as well.

The Experience of Samurai Gourmet with Japanese Sushi Nigiri

Those nigiris were my experience in Tokyo. After this everything changed, a touch of wasabi between the fish and rice, gave me the most beautiful flavors that I have never tried before.

sushi in tokyo

Omakase Experience

sushi in tokyo

Omakase means “I’ll let you up to you” and is when chef makes the sushi in from of you to be served at the time.

Where to eat Sushi in Tokyo

First of all, I remember to have asked a Japanese chef in Tokyo, how much experience it’s needs to be a good sushi chef. And she said at least seven years. So, experience is fundamental for getting the best sushi. By the way, its origin is from Japan. Therefore, who could makes better sushi than Japanese. Keep in mind this.

In addition, my recommendation is, go to sushi restaurants, where you can find older chefs making it. Because, they have been working for years on it. Besides that might guaranteed a better taste for sure.

Sushi Master

This man meet all the characteristics of a experimented sushi chef
the best sushi in tokyo

I followed this process where to eat sushi, having known nothing about the restaurant. Hence, for the reason, I got in. It was, because I saw experimented chefs making it. As a result, they gave me the best sushi that I have ever tried in my life.


How to choose the best sushi in Tokyo, the first thing you do not need to be an expert. Moreover is not necessary to spend all your money in a 3 michelin starred restaurant regardless its quality. In fact, my point is, you can find the best sushi for a fair price and not knowing anything about it, just following my advice. Surely your experience will be the best as mine.

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Location Tokyo, Japan

Key Information

Qualification: Grateful/ Excellent

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Price: $$$ Average per person 40 -90 AUD

Location: Tokyo


  1. Thank you for following Suitcase!
    It is true. Sushi fresh and delicious everywhere in Tokyo. We found very cool Standing Sushi bar Uogashi Nihon-Ichi in Shinjuku. It was fun.

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