After I have eaten at Subzero, my expectation about sushi, it was already high. Hence, to find another restaurant with better quality, it was going to be hard. However, with the best guide, the search was easy. In fact, we went to the sushi bar called Under The Sea and the amazing experience began.

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Image by under the sea facebook

Moreover, at the moment we got in, we saw a totally different concept of restaurant that personally, I liked. Then, it was the moment to sit down and choose the sushi for our dinner.

Samurai Gourmet at Under The Sea sushi bar

Surely, not to take my own photos of these beautiful sushi was a sin. But, if you go to my stories in Saint Petersburg, on instagram, you will watch my experience at the restaurant Under The Sea.

Philadelphia, Salmon, Avocado & Creamy Cheese

The first sushi in arrived, it was the salmon roll. Also, the green avocado that creates a perfect fusion. Besides, the refined techniques that is makes this dish with authentic japanese flavours. On the other hand, the creamy cheese was something that took me for surprise. However, it was well received.


The second sushi was the salmon, avocado and sweet potato. In fact, this one was even better, due to, the nice touch of the crispy potatoes on the top. In short, it was just so good.

Although, the California kamchatka crab and avocado was the only one, it did not appear on this post in photos. However, it was delicious.

Sea Bass, Mango, Tempura & jalapeño

Certainly, the sea bass was my favorite sushi roll at Under The Sea. Because, the sweetness of the mango and spicy of the Jalapeños were a melody in my mouth. In other words, it was the best to me.

Location Saint Petersburg, Russia

Key Information

Sushi Bar Under The Sea

Qualification: Grateful/Excellent

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $$60 AUD

Contact: +7 (812) 679 55 23 /



Address: St. Petersburg, Vosstaniya St., 23

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