yakitori japanese bbq

Yakitori has been the most delicious japanese bbq that I have ever tried. In fact, consist in small pieces of meat and vegetables through a skewer. Besides, cooked on a particular thin charcoal grill, seasoned with salt or teriyaki sauce to be served with wasabi or dijon mustard in some places. In addition, the way of eating is simple next to a cold beer, sake or shochu potatoes distilled very strong.

Yakitori the best bbq in my entire life

yakitori japanese bbq
Photo by Samurai Gourmet

Certainly, eating yakitori “giblest” you will find heart, tongue, liver, bacon, stomach, cartilage etc…with the most delicious flavors. In other words, if you haven’t eaten yakitori yet, believes me you are missing out a big part of your food life experience.

Jo Tan Tongue

yakitori japanese bbq
Photo by Samurai Gourmet

If I knew the way how they cooked this meat, definitely, it would be like discover the gold. Because, it was the most softest and tasty tongue, besides remember that I’m a chef that is to say that I’ve eaten and made pork tongue. However, I can guarantee that nothing compares to this Yakitori. It’s just amazing

Hatsu “Heart”

Photo by Samurai Gourmet

Well, these two skewers were terrific, plus the dijon mustard. Surely, create an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

Horumon balls

Photo by Samurai Gourmet

Another amazing yakitori was the “horumon balls” that’s means giblet dumpling skews with green peppers.

Photo by Samurai Gourmet

Indeed, in this bbq brings one of the most tasty experience about food. Besides with authentic Japanese cuisine.

Yakitori menu & price in Japanese yen

yakitori japanese bbq

In addition, I wanted to include the menu to have an idea in what consist to eat Japanese bbq. In other words, in this picture, probably there are too many part of meat that you haven’t tried before and never expect to eat it. But what I can advise that this Japanese bbq is going to give you the most beautiful meal.

Video by Samurai Gourmet Youtube

Important to remember the restaurant is located on the floor 5 of Marunouchi Building.

Some outstanding yakitori restaurants in Ginza:

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Location Tokyo, Japan

Key Information

Qualification: Grateful/Excellent

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $$ 25 AUD

Contact: 03-6267-0989


Instagram: None

Address: 1-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Shinmaru Building 5F


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