It’s not a secret that Dukes Coffee Roaster gives the best experience with coffee. Because, I was usually drinking latte the most, in front of this shop. That is to say, I was drinking in the competition of Dukes. And it was there, when each morning, I saw a long line of people waiting for a coffee and realized that it was the time to try it at Dukes.

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Certainly, the first time was not easy getting a coffee here. In fact, I missed out two time before trying the first one at Dukes. Due to, I was on my way to work and a bit in a rush. So, waiting on the line to get in, it did not make it possible. But, in my third try, I got it and I could understand, why was always busy. In short, in my four years living in Melbourne, I haven’t taste a better coffee rather latte than here. No matter what, still for me, no coffee shop can beats Dukes and I think for many people is the same.

The best Latte in my Life

A bit of research, World’s best coffee: 8 cities to visit for a great cup of java by CNN travel rank the city of Melbourne, as the second place with the best coffee in the world, just behind of London. Well, I haven’t been in London yet. But I can guarantee that in all the cities that I have traveled, the latte at Dukes has been the best. On the other hand, I must continue visiting more places in Melbourne, because I haven’t tried all of them.

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Inside of the shop, Dukes count with a capacity around 20 guests, who can drinks its coffee in the store. But, the most, people orders takeaway. Also, it’s possible to buy the coffee bean, which is used to make to the guests.

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The medium takeaway latte is that I often order at Dukes for a price of $5.50 AUD. And sometimes when I want to enjoy it, in the shop. I asked for a chocolate and coconut alfajor that cost $3.50 AUD each. To give a bit of sweet to my coffee. As a result, the best experience with my favorite hot drink.

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Location Melbourne, Australia

Key Information

Dukes Coffee Roaster

Qualification: Grateful/Excellent

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Price: $5.50

Contact: (+61 3) 9417 5578


Address: 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

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