It could seem strange but the person who recommended me the Brother Baba Buda coffee shop, was another owner of a different coffee shop. On the other hand, he loves good coffee as me and knows several good ones places, in the city of Melbourne.

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Therefore, it’s how I knew Bother Baba Buda. Besides, also being a lover of good coffee, the desires to taste it, made up the decision to come here. However, before I did my research, checking its instagram and also google reviews. After that, the vast approval from the people of Melbourne and afterward the good reviews.

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In short, the decision was made with confidence. Hence I went there and on my way. To found out that the coffee shop is located, in Little Bourke same street of the Italian restaurant Tipo 00. Besides, very nice and popular for a good pasta and I agreed with that. So then, I arrived to drink my latte and to met, two brother very Aussie mates. In short, they gave me one of the best coffee or rather a latte that I have tried in Melbourne so far.

In addition, I considered Brother Baba Buda one of the best. Likewise, Coffee Dukes in Flinders Lane.

Samurai Gourmet at Brother Baba Buda

First of all, this coffee shop served the seven seed roaster. Besides, the indoor is decorated in an old fashion unique way, with plenty of chairs on the ceiling. Moreover, it’s located in the heart of CBD surround it of beautiful restaurant, exactly in 359 Little Bourke street.

Weak Latte

Well, a weak latte is what I usually order anywhere. That is to say, with just one shot only. Because, I like to drink several coffee during day, at least three. Therefore, ordering it weak, gives me the chance to take more and not feeling annoying pain, in my stomach for drink too much coffee.

In fact, in Melbourne I fell in love with latte, making me drink every day them. Besides, full of beautiful places, where to taste nice coffee. As a result, the Brother Baba Buda is one of the best in this city.

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Location Melbourne, Australia

Key Information

Brother Baba Buda

Rate: 5/5 Grateful/excellent

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $ 5AUD

Contact:  (03) 9347 8664



Address: 359 Little Bourke St, Melbourne

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