Coffee has different evolutions as latte, cappuccino and much more. Indeed being a fans of this hot drink, my story with coffee started living in United States, specifically New York. Therefore, my palate started to become better about coffee (Latte). However Melbourne where I currently live, made me realized when I am drinking a good or bad latte, duo to the Aussie city is specialized in coffee art.

In fact, a reference to shows my believes World’s Best Coffee. In other words, you will see cities where makes incredible coffee including Melbourne in the top 2, but no obstante for espresso there is no place better than Italy.

Russia is not out of good coffee rather Saint Petersburg, where I drunk few lattes. Hence, the important thing is to choose the right place but do not get me wrong, even in Melbourne you have to do the same because sometimes I got bad coffee. Making it clear, no manner the city, certainly always depends of the spot, which will give you the nice experience. Nowadays lattes is worldwide, in short where can be found in any corner in the world.

Latte in Микрокофейня

coffee, Latte, Saint Petersburg

This is the place with my best coffee experience in Saint Petersburg. In fact nice latte accompanied with a sweet cakes. Surely, the rewards is vouched. Besides, I want to add that in the moment you buy the first coffee, they will give you a card, is like a compounding. Then if you go there everyday to drink latte or cappuccino etc… the fifth is free, that is to say is a gift from them. Maybe this is more for Russian people than tourist but if you are on holiday there longer than a week, you can get this benefit.

“The Place”

It has a characteristic old fashion car outside, in other words being part of the environment. Moreover it is a comfortable spot where you can drink a coffee with a cake.

feeling relax, really good experience. The name of the coffee shop is Микрокофейня. As a result, I strongly recommended this place if you love good coffee.

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Location Saint Petersburg, Russia

Key Information

The Place Микрокофейня

Qualification: Grateful/ Very Good

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Price: $ 3 – 4 AUD

Phone: none

Website: None

Instagram: coffee.tchk.spb

Address: Каменноостровский проспект 18/11 литера Б

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