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First of all, I’m happy to introduce a new section on Samurai Gourmet “Pairing Food With Wine”. In fact, I realised, if I love to eat delicious, I must drink delicious too. Hence, the idea to match food and wine together was born. Besides, It is a wonderful way to take our “dining experience” to the next level.

Carry on, first I needed to get some knowledge. So then, I went through some famous sommelier books such as Wine A Beginner’s Guide by Kenneth Fredrickson, Wine Simple by Aldo Sohm and The 24 Hour Wine Expert by Jancis Robinson and others. But, these three were the most simple and easier to understand. Also, having fun meanwhile reading or listening because as well, they can be found on audible at least the first two books. Otherwise, if you don’t have an account, you can create one, paying $16.99 AUD each month to get it for free or buying the book on amazon.

You Don’t Have to Be a Sommelier to Get the Right Bottle to Served with Food

Above all, I want to let you know that I’m not expecting to become a sommelier. However, I want to master pairing food with wine, to enhance even more my and why not your dining experience. Moreover, for those who doesn’t know me yet, I’m a busy chef in my working days and a wild foodie lover, looking for food adventures in my spare time.

My first bottle, a white wine Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. Although, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t tried wine before. But, it was the first that I had paired my food with a wine. And surely, my meal tasted better next to a glass of the fermented grapes juice. To finally, bring my meal to the next level, 100% percent pleasure, satisfaction or whatever as you wanna call it. As a result, for me, was something unique, not just eating delicious but also drinking delicious.

Pairing Food with Wine, it doesn’t has to be Expensive

Certainly, many of us, including myself might thinks that pairing food with wine must be expensive. But after reading those books, I understood that one time ago, was true. In other words, not anymore. Nowadays, sommeliers advice that you can drink very well, betwen $20 to $80 for a bottle of wine. But don’t go below because you might regret it. Besides, if you want to splurge due to you have the money, is totally up to you. Surely, you will find that delicious bottle for a higher price.

However, to find a good wine to an expensive price, doesn’t require any skill. On the other hand, to focus in a “great value” bottle require skill, experience and knowledge. That’s why, master sommeliers often taste wine without label, to appreciate value.

As you and I, we are new in this world of wine. But to get knowledge we must learn, to get experience we must taste and the skill comes after that. In short, I want you follow me, in this path of pairing food with wine. Surely amazing wonder to discover with the fermented grapes juice.


  1. Sauvingon Blanc is one of the wines that I don’t like! My husband does though. Too sour for me. I prefer Chardonnay, Vionier, white Riojas and sometimes Muscadet.

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