First of all, before to start the journey of drinking wine, is very important to buy the right glass. Due to, a good quality wine glass greatly enhances the experience. For example a bottle of $20 can taste as $40 bottle of wine. In fact, the right glass matter, you can not expect to drink a great wine in a random glass. That is to say, you are not gonna get the 100 % as your wine tastes and surely, will not be able to swirl properly to appreciate all the aromas.

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This is my Austrian white wine glass from Zalto Glas GMBH that cost $68 AUD. Besides, I bought it, in a wine store called Le Pont located 2/274-278 Coventry St, South Melbourne. Therefore, it’s certain that you can find it almost everywhere. Whether not, you can order it online on the website.

What the expert say about this glass

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The Good News “One Wine Glass Is More Than Enough”

In fact, contrary to what glass manufacturers may suggest, you don’t need more than one size or shape of wine glass. Wisdom words from Jancis Robinson. In other words, what she explains that there is no logic to the idea that a white wine should be served in a smaller glass than a red. And professionals are rapidly coming round to the view that even champagne, port and sherry are best appreciated in exactly the same size and shape of glass. In addition, she also in love with Zalto glass and Aldo Sohm “best sommelier of the World in 2008” uses it everyday.

In short, we don’t need more but one glass to enjoy a beautiful bottle. By the way, don’t forget the meal. That is to say, after starting pairing food with wine, my fermented grapes juice begun to taste better and my dining experience pleasantly delicious.

How to Serve Glasses Before Starting Drinking Wine

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Above all, it’s important to provide lots of room for the aroma. So, it doesn’t mean you are stingy, if you don’t serve until the top of the lip. Indeed, don’t serve glasses more than a half, and preferably only a third. However, if you want to sip a full capacity glass of wine, the ideal is between 250-350 ml. Therefore, allowing plenty of space for aromas after being swirled. On the other hand, for those who wants to keep the usual serving, just go about 120 ml.

How to Drink Wine

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First, the glass, thinner and more translucent, the better. Second, the lip, as thin and fine as possible, please. Due to, a ridge causes the wine to fall farther behind on your palate. And we want it to splash onto the tip of our tongue, enhancing flavour and nuances. Third, with a traditional shape glass, the wine tastes better, so don’t go for those crazy glasses that might look good. In addition, perhaps the most important part of a wine glass, the stem. Because, allow us to swirl the glass nicer and help us to avoid to heat up our wine unpleasantly. Due to, the warmth of our hands

After that, we are pretty much ready to start drinking wine but there is one more thing.

Temperature Matters Before Starting Drinking Wine

before starting drinking wine
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Too cold and the wine won’t taste of anything. Besides, too hot and it’ll taste muddy and metallic. Therefore, I want to make it simple for you, that is to say, most of white wines ideal serves temperature, is between 10c to 13c degrees. On the other hand, most of red wines between 15c to18c degrees and you are gonna be just right. In addition, conventional wisdom has always said that sparkling wine must be served ice cold, but is better to apply this concept, in lower price sparkling. Moreover, champagne has to be threat as a fine white wine, so let it rise about 10c to 12c and you will discover greater nuance.

before starting drinking wine
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As you and I, certainly, we don’t have a cellar at home. And if you do, high probably, you know how to storage a wine. Otherwise, just follow these advices. First, maintain your wine an ideal temperature 12c degrees, Besides, it can be apply for both whites and reds. Don’t keep it in the kitchen because is too hot, either on the top of the fridge or above a fireplace without used. At the end, is the same, just too hot.

Also, keep it out of light this can damage badly your wine. Surely, the best place for me, is the closet, and actually, I do this. However, instead to place it on the top because still might ruin your wine. Rather, I prefer to lie them horizontally on the floor, but just with red wines. Due to, with white wines, most of the time I drunk them for dinner. So, I keep them ready to be served into the fridge and putting out 30 minutes before starting to eat.

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