Wet Hamburger was one of the most weird Turkish street food that I tried in Istanbul, but do not get me wrong, because, it is delicious, the only thing is, you have to eat it, in the right place and that’s why I’m here to recommend you, the best spot.

Turkish Street Food wet hamburger is delicious but is important where to eat it

Turkish Wet hamburger

The first of all that you have to know is, do not expect to eat this burger in a fancy restaurant, because, is street food, second, not every place can gives you the nice one, cause, I tried in different spots and the experience was not good. Therefore, you must choose the perfect locale. As I mentioned before is a bit weird. The reason is, because, it is kept in a site or small truck which is steaming all the time, then, becoming too wet, in other words, the texture is a bit not pleasant, if it does not have the exact point, but at kizilkayalar is so delicious. Totally vouched.

Wet hamburger in Istanbul

In fact, there are many places where to eat the wet hamburger, but not all of them, are good enough. Therefore, if you want to eat the best turkish street food in Istanbul, Kizilkayalar is the perfect place.

Turkish Street Food
Wet Hamburger

The spot is located in Taksim, but, the brand is around the city as in besiktas and kadicoy.

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Location Istanbul, Turkey

Key Information


Qualification: Grateful/Very Good

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Price: $ 1- 2 AUD

Phone: +90 212 251 13 57

Website: http://www.kizilkayalar.com.tr/

Instagram: Kizilkayalar

Address:  Sıraselviler Caddesi NO:2L, 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey

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