Pinot Noir 2019, Oyster Bay From New Zealand

It has been one of the most busiest Christmas ever this year in Melbourne. In fact, during the whole December restaurants were full booked. Hence, I did not have much free time to express myself about delicious food and wines that I ate and drunk as “Pinot Noir”. Mostly, right now all of you who…

Chardonnay Maison De La Villette, France 2019

After I starting pairing food with wine, this Chardonnay from Maison De La Villette, France, year 2019 has been one of the most beautiful bottle of white wines that I have tried. Besides, for only $20 AUD, the quality is so good that really, is a white with great value. Moreover, the main reason I…

Sauvignon Blanc Ata Rangi Martinborough Te Wa, 2019

My first wine pairing with food, it was a Sauvignon Blanc Ata Rangi Martinborough, Te Wa 2019 from New Zealand. Since, 1990’s Sauvignon Blancs have become the pride of New Zealand. Although, Pinot Noir has been gaining momentum. On the other hand, under the radar are crisp, high-acid Chardonnays. New Zealand has skyrocketed in the…


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“Pairing Food with Wine”

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