Rockmen 69men one of the best Ramen in Bangkok
Image by Bangkok foodies

In fact, I came to Rockmen 69men, for an expert recommendation by the Japanese Chef Misaki. Owner of Sushi Misaki one of the best sushi restaurant in Bangkok. Besides, it’s very difficult to find this ramen shop by yourself, been a tourist. Because most of the people, who comes to eat here, are Japanese or Thai that live in this city. For this reason, it’s a high value tip for those who love ramen as me.

Rockmen 69men one of the best Ramen in Bangkok
Image by Bangkok Foodies

First of all, surely my mission it was to let you know that Rockmen 69men exists in Bangkok. Moreover, now it is time to know that you have to come, to the ramen shop, to make a reservation. That is to say, without booking you are not able to eat here. And let me tell you more, it’s better to come in the morning around 11:00am. After that might be too late. Due to, the Japanese restaurant serves 69 ramen per day only. So, that’s why is so important to arrive at that time then you just have to wait until Rockmen 69men opens its doors. Basically at 12:00pm.

  • Rockmen 69men one of the best Ramen in Bangkok
  • Rockmen 69men one of the best Ramen in Bangkok

Let’s go to the ramen then, this is called Shio all star, and is one of the signature dishes together with Shoyu ramen. Further, Shio all star was the Japanese bowl soup, what I ate at Rockmen 69men. Moreover, it was also, what they recommended me to try in the ramen shop.

Rockmen 69men one of the best Ramen in Bangkok
Image by Samurai Gourmet

How is taste?

Well, authentic Japanese ramen always taste so pure and rich in flavour. Besides, not fatty at all, and at Rockmen 69men is very unique, tasty, with a rich broth. Although, not heavy but light. Moreover, Shio all star comes with all ingredients above on the photo. In short, you will enjoy an amazing ramen here.

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Location Bangkok, Thailand

Key Information

Rockmen 69men

Rate: 4,7/5 Grateful/Excellent

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Price: Average per person $500 – 600 THB

Contact: 0918879469


Address: 44, 11 Soi Akapat Sukhumvit 55 Rd, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Bangkok

Working Hours

Monday12:00–3:00PM, 6:00–9:00PM
Tuesday 12:00–3:00PM, 6:00–9:00PM
Wednesday 12:00–3:30PM, 6:00–9:00PM
Thursday 12:00–3:00PM, 6:00–9:00PM
Friday 12:00–3:00PM, 6:00–9:00PM
Saturday 12:00–3:00PM, 6:00–9:00PM
Sunday12:00–3:00PM, 6:00–9:00PM


  1. Shio means salt in Japanese. Shio ramen is known as the most difficult ramen to make because it is salt based and the flavors don’t get covered up with soy sauce or miso. Shio is also known as the ramen with the most Unami. Sounds like you had a great find in Bangkok.

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