One thing I can assure you that in Saint Petersburg, you will find amazing restaurants, to eat delicious food. In fact, one of the best breakfast that I tried in this city. Surely, it was at the restaurant Friends of Friends based on dishes inspired over the world. Such as the Thai rice with coconut milk, peaches and mango sauce and the benedict eggs with prosciutto and avocado. As a result, tasty breakfast is guaranteed.

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But that is not all, also at Friends of Friends you will find Europeans influences, in entrees, main dishes and desserts. In others words, not only breakfast is the best choice, on the other hand is the best starts. Besides, this place is super cozy, moreover if you are coming with the right person, the experience is even more pleasant.

Samurai Gourmet one of the best breakfast in Saint Petersburg

In fact, I came here in a cold morning, in the last winter next to special person, who recommended me this restaurant. After that, getting in we sat down and ordered our food.

The first dish was Benedict eggs with prosciutto and avocado. Where the flavours of all these ingredients mixed together creates something beautiful. That is to say, this one was the best dish that I ate in my breakfast at Friends of Friends.

The second dish at Friends of Friends, it was the Scramble eggs with straciella and sun dried tomatoes. Another good choice to make your breakfast better. However, this one needed more flavor or perhaps the first option, it was just too good.

To finish. the last dish was the Thai rice with coconut milk, peaches and mango sauce. Even on the menu did not say is Thai, I tried something like this in Thailand, few years ago. Therefore, when I started to eat it, the memories came to me of Phuket, in a restaurant next to the beach eating this dessert. In short, this is the power of the food that can brings beautiful moments into life for a couple of seconds.

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Location Saint Petersburg, Russia

Key Information

Friends Of Friends Restaurant

Qualification: Grateful/ Very Good

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $$35 AUD

Contact: +7 911 297-80-49 / Reservations:



Address: Degtyarnaya Ulitsa, дом 1, St Petersburg, Russia


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