Despite that I have tried the Japanese food at Saké, only in the two restaurants in Melbourne. Also, this place can be found in two locations in Sydney and one in Brisbane. Hence, Saké is recognized as one of the best Japanese restaurant in Australia. Due to, it has been awarded with several important awards such as:

In 2016 – Gault Millau Guide – Saké Flinders Lane received 3 Hats, 2010 – 2015 Good Food Chefs Hat – Saké The Rocks, Good Food Chef’s Hat every year since opening – Brisbane, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019 – Good Food Chefs Hat – Saké Double Bay, 2015 – Gault Millau Guide – Saké Hamer Hall received 2 Hats, 2015 – Gault Millau Guide – Saké Sydney received 1 Hat.

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As a result, the authentic Japanese food is guaranteed in any of its restaurants. Therefore, Samurai Gourmet had to taste, the flavours of this award-winning place.

Flinders Lane

In fact, as I said before that had already eaten, in the two locations in Melbourne. Besides, all the Saké restaurants serve sushi and sashimi, but at Flinders Lane has a dedicated sushi bar with its own kitchen team and sushi chef. Hence, my first time, it was a dinner with only sushi such as:

First dish Spicy tuna shiso, daikon, tempura crunch & chilli threads $19 AUD. Second dish, Salmon avocado shiso, sweet soy glazed & mayonnaise that cost $19 AUD

In short, I liked both but the salmon with avocado roll was much more tasty.

Saké Hamer Hall

The official second time, it was a dinner at Bar Hamer Hall and I said official. Because in reality, my first time ever eaten at Saké restaurant, it was here in this location. However, not as guest, due to I was working in the restaurant next door, called Teatro. In other words, our team exchanged the food what we made, for the food of the Japanese restaurant and mostly, we were getting gyozas. So delicious by the way.

Cape grim short rib baby spinach, pine nuts and sesame garlic sauce $46 AUD

After that, the decision of dining at this place was made. Where I features the dishes such as for a hot start pan seared gyoza pork, ginger soy and then, the main cape grim short rib baby spinach, pine nuts and sesame garlic sauce. Certainly, these two dishes were the best at Saké restaurant by me palate.

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Location Melbourne, Australia

Key Information

Saké Restaurant & Bar

Qualification: Grateful/excellent

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Price: Average per person $$$100 AUD

Contact: HAMER HALL +61 3 8687 0775 / FLINDERS LANE 1300 670 910 /



121 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

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