First of all, bagels is not just a bread in New York city. Rather, it is a symbol of this city in terms of food. In fact, it all started with the arrival of the Eastern European jewish community to New York in the 1800s. Everything indicates that the jewish refugees brought the bagels from Poland. In other words, it is true.

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In addition, there is a story about the bagel that was first produced by the jews as a tribute to John III Sobieski, king of Poland in the late 17th century. After, he saved Austria from Turkish invaders at the Battle of Vienna in 1683. But it is just a story.

In fact, Maria Balinska the author of the book The Bagel: The Surprising History of a Modest Bread. Confirms that the tale of the king John III Sobieski about the bagel that was created. Due to tribute to him, is false. As a result, in the article The Circle of Life With Bagels by New York Times, where Maria Balinska also says that bagels are likely cousin of pretzel. Besides, it may have existed even before the Jewish migration to Poland during the Middle Ages.

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Despite, the arrival of bagel to New York in 1800s. The production of this bread was popular just by the jewish community creating them small bakeries, in this period. However, the popularity started to grow because the jews moved to different places in the big city. That is to say, causing in 1960s the increase of the New York style bagel and spread even beyond.


The water of New York City

It is often said by many people that there is no better bagel than New York. Indeed, the real cause, is the water. In other words, the New York’s water is rich in calcium and magnesium that makes the water softer. Besides, helping to strengthen the gluten in the bagel dough. Which produces on the inside the chewy and crispy on the outside. In short, that represents a New York style bagel.

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Where to eat the best bagels in New York

After all, I said. Let’s go to the point to know the best places to eat a New York style bagel.

Best Bagel & Coffee

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Today, the bagels is definitely from New York city. That is to say, the evolution of the jewish bread is a fact. Different ingredients and spreads are unlimited to filled. By the way, this spot count with several spreads that you can choose at your choice. But my favorite was egg hand-rolled bagel with bacon and cheddar cheese. In short, it’s so good.

Contact: (212) 564-4409

Location: 225 West 35th Street New York, NY 10001


Absolute Bagels

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Certainly, I am a lover of New York style food. That means, each dish of different origin which arrives to the big city. New York gives it its own touch. In fact. at absolute bagels, the bright orange egg bagel is a must, besides the best spread with the salty and smoky whitefish salad for an explosion of flavor. In addition, be aware of the long line due to the wait. But it’s worth it. By the way, don’t forget to bring cash, because cards are not allow.

Contact: (212) 932-2052

Location: 2788 Broadway New York, NY 10025


Russ & Daughters

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In fact, at Russ & Daughters since 1914 remains deeply a part of the bagel’s East European and Jewish roots. Therefore, I had to tried the authentic bagel by the past and of course until now. With the chewy texture on the inside and crispy on the outside. Despite, before the only wait to eat here, was waiting in line. However, today counts with three more spots across New York city at the Jewish Museum, the Brooklyn Navy Yards, and on Orchard Street. As a result, a delicious bagel with history.

Contact: (212) 475-4880

Location: 179 E Houston St New York, NY 10002

Location New York, United States

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