Borscht is a soup of Ukrainian origin, where it expanded to different countries in the Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. Therefore, it is as come across Russia. After that, becoming one the most popular soup in the country.

The soup, its mainly ingredient is beetroot for that reason the intense red color, besides pieces of beef, veggies and a spoon of sour cream, surely finish the dish. In fact, the borscht has become a traditional Russian dish. In other words, this soup is something that can not be ignored in the soviet union.

Borscht Soup photography by Samurai Gourmet instagram

Borscht Soup at Русская Рюмочная 1

Русская Рюмочная 1 restaurant, Photography by Visit Petersburg

Indeed, in the city of Saint Petersburg, it is where I tried the borsch. In a very traditional Russian restaurant called Русская Рюмочная 1 that means Russian Vodka room №1. Moreover, here you can taste other typical dishes such as pelmeni russian dumplings, fish salad, chicken cutlet and more.

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Borscht Soup video By Samurai Gourmet

The restaurant Russian Vodkaroom №1 was opened in 2008. First of all, the concept of the place is based about the imperial 19th century.

Besides the chef in charge Andrey Vlasov is considered to be one of the best specialists in Russian cuisine in the country. Consequently, the menu is based on differents historic periods of the Russian cuisine.

In addition, the restaurant is a perfect place for romantic moments and family meetings.

In 2008 the restaurant was awarded the Golden Palm (National Foodservice Awards by Leaders Club International) for the best restaurant concept. Further, it is a member of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs International Association of Gastronomy.

As a result, it is the best place to eat borscht soup and other Russian dishes in Saint petersburg.

Location Saint Petersburg, Russia

Key Information

Restaurant Русская Рюмочная 1

Qualification: Grateful/ Very Good

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Price: $$ 15 AUD

Contact: +7(812)945-08-90 +7(812)914-55-14 (Delivery number)

Website: Русская Рюмочная 1

Instagram: russianvodkaroom1

Address: Konnogvardeyskiy Bul’var, 4, St Petersburg, Russia

Working hours

12:00 pm to 11:00 pm

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